I wrote and recited this poem at the University of Oklahoma - Tulsa Cultural Night 2018. This is the English translation of the poem, recited alongside the Arabic part.

No religion in love, for love is secular Religion is for God, and for my beloved I am a prisoner I’ve read in the Bible verses made it sinful To not love thy neighbor, let alone thy lover I’ve read it in the Bible, and so I read in my scripture O you fine people, I’ve come today to narrate The love of a woman, with eyes like a deer so beautiful and great A belle, if came into sight The sun would blush and hide Her neck and body are so slender When she glances at me I right away surrender O mecca of charms, O mecca of grace O mecca of lovers, to whom they head for and race Indeed, they are miserable, if your face they replace Befuddled my core, more than it can endure Half of me is mystic, and half of me is allured I deeply adore you, and of your scent I am fond Not because I can, but because I can’t Reach to the princess, who got my heart succumbed People wait for flowers in April to perfume While your cheeks are a garden Every day they bloom Who would miss a chance? To kiss your blushful cheek Or even get a sip From that rosy lip While I leave this poem Untitled and unnamed That’s because your beauty Cannot be curtailed So, would you please stitch The wounds that you’ve caused? My heart has been bleeding for two years But it’s never tired

Tulsa, OK, USA

April 5th, 2018