Hello! I’m Dr. Siraj Muhammad – not the kind who saves your life, but I sure am the kind who blows your mind 😉 and I manipulate one fundamental force of the universe for a living 📡

I earned my doctorate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2021 – Boomer Sooners! I specialize in wireless coexistence analysis and mitigation, spectrum sharing, and channel access. I’m currently working as a Wireless Systems Design Engineer at  Apple in Cupertino, CA.

I enjoy poetry and have some of my own writings. I like playing ping-pong and analyzing my moves from a physics point of view. Speaking of physics, I’m in love with astronomy and astrophysics. I have high metabolism and I love good food and cooking!

My name Siraj (pronounced /ˈsɪrɑːʒ/) is of Arabic origin meaning ‘light’, ‘lantern’, and in some literature it might metaphorically refer to the sun or the moon.

Also, I’m a firm believer, an enthusiast and an advocate of the Oxford comma… just kidding, put that comma back 😜